Technical Pro Fuse 8 8 INCH 2-WAY CARPETED SPEAKER

The Fusetrade; series of speakers by Technical Proreg; is an amazing and unique combination of premium quality speakers heavy duty construction along with features and performance previously unheard of at this price level. Technical Pro s Fuse series of speakers offers a wide range of options without equal. With improved performance and great looks this speaker delivers punchy mids and smooth highs at any power level with a bone crushing low-end! The quality wood cabinetry construction is carpeted and has an extra heavy-duty metal grille for ruggedness while transporting to your events. Features: 320 Watts peak power 8" woofer Piezo 7.5" x 3" horn tweeter 1.5" voice coil 30 oz. magnet Down firing baffel Frequency Response: 50Hz-20kHz Built-in Crossover DJ or PA speaker Inputs: 1/4" Bare wire Trapezoidal cabinet Perforated steel heavy duty grill Single pole mount Stackable design Rubber feet 2 Integral carry handles Sensitivity: 90 plusmn;2dB Impedance: 8 ohms Dimensions: 12"w x 17"h x 10"d Engineered in Japan